The World up Close

A visual expression of life, of people and nature.

A harsh existence.

A collection of black and white portraits of homeless people.

People who are despised by society.

Look close at those who you pass each day.

Recent Exhibitions

The classic photographic images in the exhibition "The World up Close" have a visual expression of life, of people and nature in indivisible unity. The images capture the moments of daily life accros the globe and in a way conserve the world we live in. A world full of boundless beauty, rich biodiversity, and a vast array of people. The world in the "now".

"A harsh existence". This is the first individual exhibition a young Bulgarian photographer of European and international caliber. The collection of classic black and white portraits shows a real visual expression of those you pass each day. The look, the wrinkles, the expressions of the faces are enough to tell without words the harsh life on the streets of the big cities in Europe and the United States. Each photo is amazingly detailed, capturing the emotion, suffering and scarring of people left homeless. People who are despised by society.